Public Sector Leadership and Governance


An individual who is involved in either governmental or nongovernmental organizations looking to understand how to better provide leadership and governance.

There are a multitude of strategies that are designed to help you improve your leadership
skills. However, if you work in the public sector, do these strategies apply to you? What is different about leading in a public sector organization?

This workshop will introduce you to the essentials of good leadership in governance, while assessing your own leadership capabilities to understand your effectiveness as a leader. You
will explore the characteristics of public sector entities, using your organizational context as the basis for understanding its unique focus on serving members of the public, and your role in enabling effective delivery of those services.

You will also examine the team you work with to better understand their motivations for
working in the public sector. With a better understanding of yourself, your organization and your team, you will have the opportunity to review contemporary leadership models and approaches to determine the strategies and behaviors that can be implemented to improve your organization. The course will give you practical insights and strategies to enable your leadership development, no matter at what level you serve in the public sector.


Our twelve years of experience offering Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in the field of Project Management, and more recent experience in offering the MSc in Project Management to a wide range of professionals, has equipped our staff with the necessary expertise and experience to help assure success.


Open to persons working in the public sector and semi-autonomous organizations, and anyone desirous of learning about public sector leadership and governance.


This course runs throughout the year. Please contact the Programme Manager (contact details provided) to get further information.

 The course consists of four units:

      1. Leadership skills and traits, including a personal strength-finder assessment.
      2. Exploring the basics of leadership in the public sector
      3. Leading and motivating public sector employees
      4. Writing a Leadership Development Plan


    This is a 20-hour course which could be taken online or over 4 days face-to-face.


    This is a 20-hour course which could be taken online or over 4 days face-to-face.


    This course is managed by a Programme Manager who can be contacted to gain further information regarding the course details and the schedule of upcoming classes. Please feel free to contact:


    Mr. Treshan Budhram

    Phone: +592 22 65781 X 120