Nations Incorporated is Guyana’s premier private tertiary provider boasting top of the line facilities and experienced, knowledgeable and dynamic lecturers, making this the school of choice for all business and management courses in Guyana.

Nations’ tertiary provision evolved from School of the Nations over twenty-eight (28) years ago. Nations Incorporated runs a number of schools of excellence offering courses in the fields of Business, Management, Law, Education, Accounting and Technology.

Registered with the National Accreditation Council (NAC) to operate as an educational institution in Guyana, Nations Incorporated offers a wide range of qualifications, including MBA, LLB, LLM, MA Education, BA (Top Up) Business Administration and a number of Advanced Diplomas and Certificates from various awarding bodies, including the University of London,  University of Cambridge, University of Bedfordshire, Project Management Institute (PMI)®  and the Association of Business Executives (ABE).

Nations sees education as a means of realising individual potential and a powerful force in the transformation of society.

​Nations Incorporated is a leading educational provider in Guyana offering tuition to over 2500 tertiary students. Nations is the 2ndlargest center for ABE of their 245 centers worldwide and has received many top paper awards over the years.

“Our belief is that it is mankind’s destiny to create a society in which justice is firmly established; the extremes of wealth and poverty are eliminated; racial, social and political prejudice cease to exist; the equality of men and women is reality; the idea of the oneness of humanity pervades all mankind; and the diverse nations of the world are fused into one commonwealth.

We see education as a means of realizing individual potential and as a powerful force in the transformation of society.”

Mission Statement

To contribute to the development of a highly moral, skilled, and educated population necessary to advancing the development of Guyana, regardless of race, culture, creed, gender and educational background.


We are the leader in developing graduates who strive in their everyday lives to make a positive change in the world, encouraging unity and diversity amongst their peers. We aim to be a global beacon of unity, knowledge, and transformation, where learners from all backgrounds come together in the pursuit of truth and leave empowered to contribute to the betterment of the world.


To provide focused, up-to-date learning solutions to ensure sustainable long-term growth in its students. In this regard, we are an institution that molds individuals who are not only academically accomplished but are also morally and ethically driven, and to deliver superior, holistic education tailored to the evolving needs of the global community.


  • Academic Excellence: To provide rigorous and comprehensive academic programs that promote excellence in learning.  
  • Specialization: To provide opportunities for students to specialize in specific fields of study, enabling them to acquire advanced knowledge and expertise in their areas of interest.  
  • Research and Innovation: To become a hub of research and innovation by encouraging students and faculty to engage in research and developing solutions to real-world problems. 
  • Personal Development: To nurture holistic personal growth in students by focusing on character building, ethical values, leadership qualities, and a sense of social responsibility, preparing individuals to be responsible and compassionate citizens. 
  • Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding: To encourage exposure to diverse perspectives, cultures, and ideas. Promoting global awareness and cultural understanding helps students develop a more inclusive and open-minded worldview. 
  • Lifelong Learning: To encourage our students to embrace lifelong learning to adapt to changing circumstances, pursue professional development, and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world.
  • Employment and Career Preparation: To equip students with the skills and qualifications necessary to enter the workforce and pursue successful careers.  
  • Contribution to National Development: To produce responsible, motivated, empowered, respectful and active citizens committed to contributing to the development of Guyana. 

    International Partners

    Nations is continually searching for international partners to offer courses in Business Management, Health and Safety, Procurement, Logistics, Health Management, Tourism, Hospitality and many more.

    International Partners



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    International Partners


    School of Technology


    Nations Business School 

    The Nations Business School is a beacon for future leaders and entrepreneurs, offering cutting-edge courses that blend theory with real-world application. The school fosters innovation, ethical leadership, and global business acumen, ensuring its graduates are equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern business world. 

     Nations School of Law School  

    In collaboration with our international partners, the University of London, The University of Bedfordshire, and ABMA Education UK, Nations Law School is dedicated to producing the next generation of legal luminaries. Enriched by well-regarded faculty members, the curriculum emphasises the principles of justice, ethics, and the rule of law. By offering experiential learning through moot courts and research projects, the school ensures that students are courtroom-ready and poised to champion justice in various legal arenas. 

     Nations School of Technology 

     Nations has a host on International Partners that include such agencies as City and Guilds, NEBOSH and ABMA Education UK. The range of technical courses span carpentry, masonry, plumbing and welding / fabrication. The Recognition of Prior Learning allows Nations to offer Certificates from City and Guilds to individuals who have existing skill sets in various technical trades through the assessment programme. At the same time, Nations offers these courses for those who need to be trained as well.  

    Nations School of Education  

    In collaboration with our International Partners, the University of Bedfordshire and ABMA Education UK, Nations School of Education emphasizes holistic education, inclusivity, and lifelong learning. Its graduates leave equipped with the knowledge and passion to make meaningful impacts in classrooms and educational institutions worldwide. 

     Nations School of Social Sciences 

    Dedicated to understanding the intricacies of human societies, Nations School of Social Sciences offers a range of courses that delve deep into culture, politics, economics, and human behaviour. The school champions interdisciplinary learning, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills. Graduates emerge as informed citizens ready to address global challenges and contribute positively to society. 

     Nations Corporate Training Centre 

    The Nations Corporate Training Center is a premier institution for professional development and continuous learning. Catering to the evolving needs of organisations in the public and private sectors, the centre offers specialised training modules led by industry experts. Emphasising practical skills, real-world applications, and innovative approaches ensures that participants remain at the forefront of their respective fields, fostering a culture of excellence and adaptability in the ever-changing business landscape. 

    Local Partners