Toshanna Allicock

Top Paper Award in Marketing Information Systems

I was born in Linden, in 1993. I was brought up in a small village by a single parent mother who sacrificed everything she possibly could to ensure my sister and I received the best education. I graduated as one of the top students from High School in 2010. My family has always been very supportive. I have younger cousins who see me as their role model. Their support means a lot to me.

While working as a customer care agent at Digicel Guyana I developed a passion for marketing.  My fiancé advised that I find out about the ABE marketing course at Nations and the rest is history. ABE has been the best decision of my academic life.

I now hope to develop practical experience in my field in another Caribbean territory.  One of the best things about ABE is that I have access to all the necessary resources to study at home or anywhere I travel if I’m unable to attend classes.

I have gained practical skills! I love the format of the study programme. Theory is good but more important to me is that ABE helps me to be more practical whether I’m home or at work.

My future dream is to study Civil Law. I hope to combine these two qualifications to own my own business and to use everything I’ve learnt to run a successful company.