Naresh Rhajcoomar

Top Paper Award in Personnel Administration

I am an enthusiastic twenty year old.  I am the youngest of three children and reside with my family of five. I am an active vocalist and worship leader in my local church and I honour God above anything else. I have a passion for music, art and understanding different personalities.

I am employed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation in the capacity of a Senior Clerical Assistant within the Human Resources Department. I have been a part of the Human Resources Team for the past three years. I am now building the on the foundation of my career by pursuing my studies in Human Resources Management.After diligently researching quite a number of other educational institutions, I chose ABE since the level of qualification is remarkably high and internationally recognised. Also, ABE allows me to study at my own pace and is most convenient for me as an employed individual.

Based on reviews from various members of the public and other ABE students, the public and most employers recognise ABE as a leading academic organisation with exceptional standards of qualifications.

At the moment, I am completing the final unit of the Level 4 in Human Resources Management, and at the same time I have commenced the Level 5 (HRM and HRD), and will further pursue Level 6.  My desire is to earn a scholarship to complete my Masters degree in this field, and then lecture in Human Resources Management part-time since there is a great demand for the specialised skills required.

With ABE I find the ability to streamline and balance my work and studies is most satisfying and provides the much needed flexibility to handle the given variables. I have developed better interpersonal and leadership skills and I am now able to perform my duties in a more professional manner through the range of my knowledge in HR being extended continuously.

My strategy for studying has been reading and reflecting on notes after every lecture which is a great way of retaining what has been taught. Also, being able to immediately apply theories in practical situations and using what is taught definitely aids studying.

My most important long term goal is to become a renowned and qualified individual in the field of Human Resource Management, thus achieving greater success in my career.