Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation
Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
Advanced Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation


These courses are designed for members of government and non-government agencies who are directly involved in Monitoring and Evaluation work. These courses are also ideal for persons who would like to develop a robust set of Monitoring and Evaluation skills.


The comprehensive Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation courses are designed to equip learners with essential knowledge and practical skills to effectively assess and enhance program performance.


The standard entry requirements for the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes are as follows:

  • Five (5) subjects at CSEC, IGCSE or equivalent, inclusive of Mathematics
  • Must be computer literate
  • 2 years’ work experience in a related field
  • Mature students 21 year and over
  • Diploma: ABMA Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Advanced Diploma: ABMA Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation plus a degree


This course requires a minimum group size to commence and will be scheduled once that number has been met.


The Certificate Programme, consisting of four (4) modules, covers a wide range of topics from the foundational aspects of M&E to the application of advanced techniques that can be applied in the workplace, and culminates with a capstone project.

The Diploma Programme, consists of two (2) additional modules while the Advanced Diploma consists of one (1) additional module and a project.


This course runs for 6 months (2 hours per week)


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This course is managed by a Programme Manager who can be contacted to gain further information regarding the course details and the schedule of upcoming classes. Please feel free to contact:


Ms. Amelia Oodit

Phone: +592 22 65781 X 114


The course is in the process of being costed


Successful learners will be awarded an ABMA certificate of completion. ABMA is an Awarding Organization based in the UK offering OFQUAL Regulated and Professional qualification in the UK and Internationally

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