MA Education -Leadership
MA Education -Special Education


Each of the four modules is studied over 15 weeks with classes held on alternate Sunday mornings. Then a dissertation is submitted.

Successful students will be awarded a MA in Education specializing in either Leadership or Special Education from the University of Bedfordshire .


Research forms a major part of these courses, with students supported to conduct research in educational contexts, relating to their topic of interest. You will be able to learn through a variety of ways including workshops, seminars, online learning and through tutorial support.

The MA Education will allow you to gain further knowledge and understanding in areas of working with children and adults in a wide variety of educational contexts. You will have the opportunity to explore how education systems work internationally, as well as looking at philosophical, sociological, historical, and practical influences on education and policy.

MA – Leadership
This course is designed to prepare you to become a professional who is (or isplanning to be) actively involved in educational leadership, management and school reform, and who wishes to undertake study at a postgraduate level.

MA –Special Education
The aim of this course is to support students in further developing theirunderstanding of Special Education Needs, so that they can contribute towards the inclusion of students within educational settings.


MA – Leadership
The courses on the MA Education (Leadership) are:

1. Leading change in Education.
2. Educational Leadership in context.
3. Education and International Development.
4. Research methods in the workplace.
5. Dissertation.

MA –Special Education
The courses on the MA Education (Special Education) are:

1. Research Methods in the Workplace
2. Meeting Diverse Needs
3. Introduction to Learning Support Coordination in Schools
4. Further Development of Learning Support Coordination in Schools
5. Dissertation.


Assessments are rooted in real life and practical school scenarios to enable learning to be transferred to the workplace with the added focus on developing a practical reflection on school reform. A range of assessment is used including; written reports, project and seminar plans.


Each of the four modules is studied over 15 weeks with classes held on the weekends. Then a dissertation is submitted. Classes take place on alternate Sunday mornings for 4 hours each day.


The standard entry requirement is a degree from a recognized University in a relevant subject area. However, UoB may also accept applications on a case-by-case basis according to the applicant’s extensive practical experience.


The Master of Education programme comprises 15 months of classes with an additional 7 months to submit the dissertation. 


The Course costs GUY $1,370,000 plus an Application Fee of $20,000


This course is managed by a Programme Manager who can be contacted to gain further information regarding the course details and the schedule of upcoming classes. Please feel free to contact:


Ms. Felicia Mohamed

Phone: +592 22 65781 X 106


Successful learners will be awarded a Masters Degree from the University of Bedfordshire . UoB is an Awarding Organization based in the UK offering OFQUAL Regulated and Professional qualification in the UK and Internationally.