Alisha Alli

Top Paper Award in Strategic Marketing Management

I’m the youngest member of my family of four from Georgetown.  Immediately, after school I began my professional career at a local financial institution whilst simultaneously pursuing my studies in accounting and project management.  I am currently a manager and accountant at one of the largest investment companies locally.

I chose to study ABE to further enhance my management and business skills and develop my career since ABE is quickly becoming a recognized and leading qualification of professionals in Guyana.

ABE is very well known, many employers as well as the general public respect the qualification.  ABE is also comprehensive and flexible and since it is an internationally recognised professional qualification it is the ideal starting point to a successful career in business.

After ABE my immediate plan is to continue furthering my studies in business and management by completing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

ABE offers tremendous flexibility to study and learn at your own pace which is well suited to young professionals like myself with a full-time job and extra-curricular activities.  Also, ABE offers more than theoretical learning and encourages practical thinking which is valuable when managing a company on a daily basis.

ABE teaches me to think analytically and enables me to apply what I studied and what the lecturers taught me to real world scenarios.  It has also helped me to improve my communication skills with clients and business partners.

My long term career plans are to eventually set up and grow my own business and also to guide, help and educate other young persons, especially women in my country, on the value and benefits of furthering their education.